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Customer FeedBack#035

+1 vote

'It was really easy to book a carpenter service from Aurospaces. They arrived quickly and fixed my door in a jiffy. Would highly recommend it.'

Nane : Ravi
Order id : KA5PFD1V3F

posted Nov 18, 2016 by Ravi

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+3 votes

Had some Carpentry work made last week by Aurospaces and i am very happy with the result so had no hesitation in using Aurospaces Carpentry Service and  team . I'll definitely be using Aurospaces service in the future and would recommend to anyone looking for a good Carpentry work .


Name : K.Siva Prakash

Order id : Y4QB4UO13S

+1 vote

Quick and professional service by Aurospaces team. Really well designed and built product beautifully finished, great care taken with painting the shelves and keeping everything tidy. Very highly recommended.  

Name : Deepa  

Order id : R5I19NE0UI

+1 vote

I am Really impressed by Aurospaces, from the moment I called through to the visit. Friendly, reassuring, and swift to respond. I got an appointment quickly and at the weekend so didn't have to rearrange work. They really know their stuff. I will wholeheartedly recommend to others to use Aurospaces .


Name : Manu

Order id : Y5QU2F2MR0

+1 vote

I hired Aurospaces to do a deep cleaning this weekend, and the results are absolutely remarkable! As someone who is not particularly good at housekeeping myself, I did not think our place could ever look this good, but Aurospaces service man went above and beyond to make our place sparkle like it was brand new. I would highly recommend Aurospaces to anyone looking for a cleaning service, and I am really looking forward to getting them to come to our unit for regular upkeep moving forward.


Name ; K Siva Prakash

Order id : Y4QB4UO13S

+1 vote

Aurospaces team did an excellent job cleaning my unit in 2 hours. Very good price quality balance.I Will recommend Aurospaces to others and use them again!

Name : Avinash anand

Order id : 3OXSS6ROBA