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Top 6 Home Remedies To Kill Bed Bugs:

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It will be a really scary experience when your home is infested with bed bugs. Complete wipe out of the parasite is very difficult and in some cases the bugs infest the whole house and you need to seek an expert pest control service to get out of the situation.

Here are some home remedies that may be used as soon as you see bed bugs in your house. This may help control the breeding and take care of the situation before things get out of hand.

Natural Remedies To Kill Bed Bugs :

Vacuum Cleaning:

Vacuum cleaning is one of the most effective ways by which most of the bugs will be removed in a swish. Vacuuming will trap all the bugs into the suction air and therefore the bugs can be removed or destroyed after this procedure. Vacuuming should be done several times and for many days to be effective.It is also important not to use the areas wherever you're doing the vacuum treatment throughout these days. This may help the bugs to starve and die. Avoid using the area for at least a month to make sure that they're destroyed completely.

Talcum Powder:

Another safe and easy way to kill the bed bugs is to sprinkle the powder generously on the area so that the bugs will be suffocated to death. This too would need patience and you might have to do the treatment several times for taking care of all the bugs. At this time, you need to ensure that you avoid sleeping in these areas. Baby powder is the best for killing bugs.

Hot Water Treatment:

Bed bugs cannot thrive in hot weather. Thus, treating all the upholstery and affected areas with hot water is helpful in killing the bed bugs. Clothes that are treated with hot water can be ironed as well in very high temperature for killing the bed bugs. Upholstery and furniture can be left under the hot sun to kill the bugs and discourage them from any further infestation.

Steam Treatment:

Just like heat treatment, steam can also kill bed bugs as they can't tolerate the hot moisture and intense steam. For this, a steam vacuum cleaner will be used. Steaming should be done many times in order to kill all the bed bugs.

Steaming might not be terribly effective if the bed bug infestation is very intense and has gone deeper than half an inch below your mattress. In such cases, you can try a combination treatment like hot and steam treatment and leaving the affected clothes, upholstery, and furniture under the sun as well.

Cold Treatment:

Bed bugs may also be killed by treating them with extreme cold. During this winter season, this becomes a simple task as all the upholstery and furniture may be left outside under the harsh winter climate. Clothes and other smaller things can be left in the deep freezer for killing the bugs.Wash your clothes in very cold water or leave them in water along with ice cubes for killing the bugs.

Boric Acid:

Sprinkling boric acid on areas wherever there's bed bug infestation is another effective way to kill the bed bugs. However, after completion of the treatment, care must be taken to confirm that the boric acid powder is totally cleaned from the areas wherever you reside. It's not recommended to sprinkle boric acid on your upholstery and bed as it will be difficult to get rid of them completely after the treatment.

posted Nov 22, 2016 by Care Aurospaces

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Sharing your house with crawling and eerie spiders are a few thing you dislike the most. Especially, when you have babies, toddlers and aged people at home, it is mandatory that you must keep these spiders away. For food and shelter, usually spiders that live in your garden find their way inside the home. In rainy season and winters, they tend to look for a warm place and settle inside your house. Then, how to get rid of spiders in the house? Here are some effective home remedies to avoid these nasty critters in a natural manner.


1. Vinegar Spray

Take one cup of white vinegar in a spray bottle and mix it with 2 cups of water.Spray the mixture around your house at the spider entry points, Just like the window, doors, ventilation, etc.

2. Tea Tree Oil

You can eliminate spiders by using tea tree oil too. Mix tea tree oil with white vinegar and spray it in your wardrobe and other different areas where you find spiders. The aroma of tea tree oil is something spiders totally hate .

3. Lavender Oil

Just as tea tree oil, lavender oil is good spider repellent. You can sprinkle a dash of lavender oil within the spider dominated areas. Also, to avoid spiders from coming into your house, just fill a flower jar with a little bit of water and add five drops of lavender oil. Now, keep the fresh flowers in it. The aroma of lavender oil stops the spiders to make their way to your house.

4. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil can also be used to ward off spiders. Be it non-venomous spiders or the venomous ones, the strong smell of peppermint oil will keep them under check. This oil is a natural insecticide.

5. Garlic Spray

Mix garlic juice in a spray bottle filled with water. All you need to do 10 cloves of garlic to extract juice from it. Now spray this mix in the corners of your house to repulse spiders.

6. Black Pepper

Black pepper is also an effective remedy to get rid of spider mites. The spicy black pepper can be grinded to make a powder. Use the grinded powder to spray on spiders, lizards and other insects at home.

Note –Keep it out of the reach of children. Cover your mouth and wear glasses while spraying it, as it tends to irritate your skin and eyes.

7. Lemon

Citrus smell is something spiders hate. Mix lemon with water and use it as a spider repellent spray. You can also use lemon-flavoured hand wash, liquid soap, floor cleaner, etc., to avoid the entry of spider in home. Dry the lemon peels in sun, and grind them to make a powder. Now spray this powder at the required areas to make your home spider-free.

8. Turmeric

Turmeric is a great natural insect killer and can help you get rid of an array of pests. Spiders are allergic to turmeric, so you can sprinkle turmeric powder in your garden and also inside your kitchen to drive out the spiders.

9. Salt

Salt is actually poisonous to spiders. This is also a safe, natural ingredient which you can use in your home to get rid of spiders. Mix salt with water to make an effective anti-spider spray and sprinkle it to hound out the spiders.

10. Mint Tea

The strong flavor of mint can also keep spiders away from your house. You can use mint tea bags in the areas, where spiders live in your house. You can also open mint tea bags and sprinkle mint tea dust around your house, so that the spiders leave the place as soon as they taste it.

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1. Camphor:

Camphor called as “karpura” in Hindi act as a very effective mosquito repellant. Light a small piece of camphor in your house and shut the door and windows. Leave the house closed for 15 min. Your house will become a mosquito free zone.

2. Neem oil: 

Neem oil is also a good mosquito repellent. To make and effective skin friendly insecticide, mix neem oil and coconut oil in 1:1 proportion and apply it on the body. This can protect you from mosquito bites for at least 8-10 hours. This is very useful particularly if you're sleeping in your balcony or any other open space or camping in woods.

3. Tulsi: 

Tulsi is very effective in killing the mosquitoes larvae and keeping them away. Tulsi plant has healthful properties which doesn't allow mosquito's to enter your home. So plant a Tulsi in your home and keepit on your windows.

4. Lavender: 

Lavender could be a natural mosquito repellant. The divine and powerful fragrance of lavender keeps the mosquitos trapped. Burn lavender oil in your aromatic lamps or use lavender room freshener to keep mosquitos far from your home.

5.Keep shrubs like neem, Tulsi, lemon grass, marigold, mint etc within your home. These plants acts very strong natural mosquito repellents and additionally add beauty to your home.

But most importantly keep your home and surrounding clean and garbage free. Remove the stagnant water from your surroundings.

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1. Moth Balls

Moth balls tend to repel the rats. These are readily available in the market and are easy-to-use. Place a few in your attic to keep the rats away.

Note: Avoid placing these mothballs inside the house as its smell is harmful to humans. Take proper care that you do not touch it with bare hands.

2. Bay Leaf

Rats think of bay leaf as their food and tend to eat it. But, it actually kills them. Put some bay leaves in the rat-prone area. Keep repeating the process until all of them are gone.

3. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil can be used to prevent rats as they can’t stand its pungent smell. All you have to do is dip some cotton balls in the peppermint oil and place them in the rat-prone area.  It will surely give satisfactory results.Alternatively, citronella and castor oil can also be used Or else, grow mint plants around the boundaries of your home.

4. Pepper

The pungent smell of pepper makes it hard for the rats to breathe and threat their survival. Simply sprinkle some crushed pepper around the corners and the holes where they reside. You will notice positive results. Repeat the process if necessary.

5. Ammonia

Mix 2 spoons of detergent, a quarter glass of water and 2 cups of regular ammonia in a bowl. Place it where rats appear frequently. Since rats can’t stand the smell of ammonia; hence, this remedy will do the job.

6. Onions

It is a very effective remedy to get rid of rats naturally. The smell of onions is odious to these nasty rodents. Just slice an onion and keep it inside or near their holes.

Want to get rid of rats in the walls? Create barriers using steel wool. It is harder for rats to nibble the steel wool. So, find out their access point and block the way.


If you can't solve your Rodent control problem by top 6 DIY home remedies just click the below link to book a service From Aurospaces:

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Nowadays, bugs are a really common drawback and almost everyone has dealt with a bug infestation at least once. Not only bugs provide us itchy bites and thus can be very annoying, however it's also very difficult to eliminate them without using the services of a professional exterminator.

Instead of using harmful chemicals you can use these simple ingredients.



Pour peppermint oil in a spray bottle.Whenever you notice a spider web, spray the area with your peppermint oil spray. Not only will this keep spiders away, it'll leave the area smelling fresh.


Vinegar also be substituted for peppermint. Pour some vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it anyplace you think spiders and other different bugs could also be getting inside your home.


Spread some baking soda where you find bugs. Baking soda helps absorb wetness from the body of bugs because of its drying properties. Don’t forget to vacuum the soda after few days and re-apply it.


Lavender oil , rosemary and eucalyptus are very powerful against bed bugs. You should have to add a couple of drops of all three oils into a cup and add some water, then spray around your sleeping place to get rid of the pests.


Use mint leaves to stop the entry of bugs in your home. Sprinkle crushed mint leaves around the sleeping place.You can additionally put dried mint leaves packet between your linen closets and mattress.


Some believe that cayenne pepper will stop bugs from getting into your home. Sprinkle some of the spice in certain areas, and see if the pests avoid crossing over it.


Silica gel acts as a dehydrating agent that helps to kill bugs easily and effectively. Apply it everyplace in your bedroom, around the bed and on your mattress.


The suction wand of the vacuum will remove the bugs from sleeping quarters, perimeter of carpets, seams of the mattress, below baseboards, box spring, crevices and other different susceptible places.

Choose one of these superb home remedies from the list above and bid farewell to bugs from your house permanently!

If you find this article useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family, as you might help someone in need. Thanks.


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Bugs are awfully common problem these days, and nearly everybody has restricted with a bug infestation at least once.Not only are the bites very annoying and probably dangerous for your health also, however it's also very difficult to actually get eliminate of the bugs without using the services of a professional exterminator.


1.Baking Soda:


Baking soda absorb moisture from the body of bugs due to it's drying properties. Spread some baking soda around the bed or wherever you find bugs and the bug problem in your house will be past. Don’t forget to vacuum the soda after few days and re-apply it if you find again.

2.Peppermint Oil:


Purchase a bottle of peppermint oil and pour into a spray bottle. Whenever you notice a spider web in your house, spray the area lightly with your peppermint oil spray. Not only this will keep spiders away, it will leave the area smelling great.



If you do not have peppermint oil, you can use vinegar for the same purpose. Pour some vinegar into a spray bottle and spray anywhere that you notice spiders. Spray into cracks and crevices or any other area where you think spiders and other bugs may be getting inside your home.

4.Mint Leaves:


You can use mint leaves to prevent the entry of bugs in your home,It is an effective repellent that keeps bugs at bay. Sprinkle crushed mint leaves around the sleeping area or inside the cradle board of small children. You can also put dried mint leaves packet between your linen closets and mattress.

5.Silica Gel:


Apply the silica gel everywhere you need to apply. The bugs get stuck in this gel and die. It also acts as a dehydrating agent which helps kill bugs easily.

6.Lavender, Rosemary & Eucalyptus:



In addition to lavender oil, the essential oils of rosemary and eucalyptus are also powerful against bed bugs. Add a few drops of all three oils into a cup of water, and then spray onto the bugs and around your sleeping area to kill and get rid of the pests. Bugs in your bed will be past after this essential oils.